Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June Stamp of the Month Bloghop

Welcome to the June Stamp of the Month Bloghop!  I love the Stamp of the Month this month, it's called Jubilation - and has everything you need the whole year through.  The bloghop is a big circle, and you click from one blog to the next to see what kind of inspiration you can get from each of the 55 consultants who are participating in the hop.  It's fun and I always get great ideas from it.  I hope you do, too!

In case you haven't seen it yet - Jubilation looks like this.  It's got everything!

The big circles in the stamp set will fit nicely inside the 1 1/4" circle punch that Close To My Heart makes, if that helps for you to know how big the images are.

If you've arrived here from {Melinda Everitt's blog}, welcome!  

My first card was inspired by one created by Karen Pedersen.  She's amazingly talented.  I love how you could make a zillion of these really easily.  I used two different sized Licorice Opaques on the flowers (also Karen's idea).

I used Hollyhock ink and card stock.  (Love that 'matchy-matchy' thing!!!) 

Then I turned the card sideways  -- you know, I can't resist an opportunity to make more flower cards -- and this time I used Spring Iris.

Here's a close up of the black pearls:

Supplies Used:
Jubilation (SOTM) (D1457, $22.95)
Flower Pot (D1409, $22.95)
Hollyhock Ink & Card Stock OR Spring Iris Ink & Card Stock
Black Stamp Pad (Z2105, $5.25)
Black Marker (Z2305, $2.95)
Licorice Opaques (Z1335, $2.95)

I know it's only (almost) summer time, but I like leaves, too...so here's a card using the leaf in this set.  And the pattern is straight out of the Originals Card Confidence program.  Love it!  :)

If you're planning on mailing your cards, perhaps the Opaques (pearls) are not the best choice.  You could use a brad (withstands mailing better) or just use a brand new eraser on the top of a pencil to stamp perfect little circles on your card.

Supplies Used:
Jubilation (SOTM) (D1457, $22.95)
Olivia Paper Pack (X7128B, $12.95)
Barn Red Card Stock (included in Olivia)
Autumn Terracotta Stamp Pad (Z2101, $5.25)
Barn Red Stamp Pad (to edge the squares) (Z2304, $5.25)
Sponge Daubers (LOVE 'EM!) (Z726, $3.95 for 3 daubers)
Mocha Opaques (Z1333, $2.95 for 108 gems)

Sanding Kit (to distress; I used the finest grit) (Z1294, $3.50)

And last but not least, I made this card with the Sweetheart Paper Pack:

The square in the middle is hiding a secret -- it unfolds.  I attached the circle with a small piece of foam mounting tape under the bottom half of the circle.  The top flap slips under the circle and keeps it in place.

Surprise!  Cupcakes (my fav!)

Supplies Used:
Jubilation (SOTM) (D1457, $22.95)
Piece of Cake (D1407, $22.95)
Sweetheart paper pack (X7134B, $12.95)
Cotton Candy Card Stock (in Sweetheart Pack)
Pink Collection Designer Ribbon (Z1384, $7.95)
Grey Wool Stamp Pad (Z2125, $5.25)
Sky Marker (Z2394, $2.95)
Baby Pink Marker (Z2302, $2.95)
Cotton Candy Marker (Z2393, $2.95)
Sunny Yellow Marker (Z2352, $2.95)
Key Lime Marker (Z2331, $2.95)

It might be a little too much pink -- I may continue to play with the colors -- but I love the cupcakes!

Don't forget, you can only get the June Stamp of the Month during June!  You can order it, get a discount, or even get it for free with your qualifying order!  And while you're at it, don't forget to check out the While Supplies Last section where you can get screamin' deals on great stuff like embellishments, ribbons and other fun accessories!

Now you can HOP on over to {Jill Lucas' blog} to see what she has created for you.  Come back and visit some time during the month - I post art regularly. 

Monday, May 30, 2011

You & Me Kit - Cards

I really like Close To My Heart's National Scrapbooking Month kit.   Not only can you make great scrapbook pages with it, you can make cute cards, too.  I just made a couple of cards last night...

On this card I used Sky and Moonstruck card stock.  I colored the Irrisistibles Dimensional Elements with Pear ink.  I love the Dimensional Elements Irrisistibles because they have the part that resists the ink -- the part that's white on the green frame above.  I wanted to use colors that were not included in the kit -- something springier.

I love the swirly stamp in the You & Me stamp set.  It's just the right size/scale for cards.  

I also loved the White Daisy Ink on the Kraft Card Stock.  It was kind of weird, because the Close To My Heart Kraft card stock is much lighter weight than the "regular" CTMH card stock.

I really like the way this card turned out, though.  Too bad I don't have a bunch of those cute Irrisistibles.  :)

Supplies Used:
Sky Card Stock
Moonstruck Card Stock
Kraft Card Stock (Z1375, $9.50 for 24 sheets)
You & Me Kit (Irrisistibles)
Pear Ink
White Daisy Ink
Desert Sand Ink
Crystal Blue Ink
Antique Copper Brads (Metal Brad Assortment, Z1366, $4.95)

Just trying to make something super quick with the patterned paper that came in the You & Me Kit.  The striped page lends itself easily to being cut up.  Just add a few buttons, and you're done!  Easy!

Supplies Used:
You & Me Kit
Tulip Card Stock
Tulip Stamp Pad
Designer Buttons -- Wooden (Z1387, $5.95 for 24 assorted buttons)
Foam Mounting Tape

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Calendar Birthday Card

Oops - I just discovered I never posted this post from April...

Here's a fun birthday card we made at card class.  The "tricky (but cool) part" about this card is that I used a star punch (picked up in the discount bin at a craft store a long time ago).  Instead of punching yellow stars out and gluing them to the blue paper (not a difficult task, but time consuming and possibly an irritatingly slow process), I punched the stars out of the blue paper and glued it to the front of the yellow paper.  The yellow stars shine through the holes in the blue paper.

For the calendar, I stamped the calendar on a larger piece of paper and cut the calendar (in the red rectangle) out freehand, same with the blue mat.  I think it looks less formal that way.

I used the new Fanfare paper pack and the stamp set called Moments in Time, which has the calendar (starting on different days of the week) and the 12 months of the year.  It's a nice one.  I like this one because it's gender neutral, plus you can just make a bunch for every month. 

Supplies Used:
Moments In Time (D1339, $22.95)
Fanfare Paper Pack (X7138B, $12.95)
Pacifica Card Stock (in Fanfare pack)  (or X5759, $9.50 for 24 sheets)
Sunny Yellow Card Stock (1225, $9.50 for 24 sheets)
White Daisy Card Stock (in Fanfare pack or 1385, $9.50 for 24 sheets)
Cranberry Stamp Pad (Z2116, $5.25)
Pacifica Stamp Pad (Z2192, $5.25)
Sunny Yellow Stamp Pad (Z2152, $5.25)
Star hole punch
Foam Mounting Tape (I like 3M/Scotch Brand the best)

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I love summer colors.  And (for some reason) I love random stamping.  I think I find it exciting that I can make something out of nothing.

When I 'random stamp' I make visual triangles.  And I always start with the largest stamp image.  See how the 3 pears make an invisible triangle?

Then I start filling in the blank spaces with smaller images - still working with the triangle concept.  See the strawberries?  Then the oranges... 

Make sure some of your stamped images go off the page.  It just looks more random.

I have a funny story.  I really wanted to use the lemons in this stamp set, because I liked the brightness of the Sunny Yellow.  My mother said "Lemons are sour, and your card says 'You're Sweet.'  You shouldn't use the lemons."  Sigh... OK... so I switched to oranges (using Sunflower ink; Sunset was too dark).  Then she says, "I don't like the pears, they look like Butts."  TOO BAD, I'm using the Butts.  I didn't used to think they looked like butts, but after she mentioned it, that's all I could see.  My mom has a really good eye as to what "works."  I trust her judgement.  Thanks Mom!

I popped one of the oranges up with Foam Mounting Tape (my fav.).

Don't forget, it's the last week to get the Close To My Heart National Scrapbooking Month Kit, You & Me.  Buy it for $34.95 or get it for $15 when you place a $50 order...or get it for FREE when you sign up to be a consultant.  Plus, it's only $64.50 to join this month.  1/2 price.  woo-hoo!  We'd love to have you join our team!  Email me if you have questions.  It doesn't hurt to ask.  :)

Supplies Used:
Tasty Treats (B1351, $13.95)
Pear Card Stock (X5764, $9.50 for 24 sheets)
Tulip Card Stock (X5753, $9.50 for 24 sheets)
White Daisy Card Stock (1385, $9.50 for 24 sheets)
Pear Mini-Medleys (Z1339, $4.95)
Velvet Ribbon from Cherry-O Creative Basics (retired)
Pear Stamp Pad (Z2197, $5.25)
Sunflower Stamp Pad (Z2150, $5.25)
Tulip Stamp Pad (Z2166, $5.25)
Foam Mounting Tape (I like Scotch/3M brand, it doesn't stick to my scissors when I cut it.  Plus, I can get the GIANT roll at the hardware store for cheap)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Dreams Come True

I've wanted to use this technique for a while now.  I'm not sure where I saw the idea, but I love interactive cards or cards with surprising things on the inside.

Here's the outside...just your basic card...

Here's the inside...surprise!  A flying butterfly.

The inside says "Believe until your dreams come true."

I just punched a 2 1/2" circle and cut a swirl out of it.  Then I stuck it to the bottom of the card with a glue dot.  Next I laid the swirl flat on the bottom of the card, put a few drops of liquid adhesive (I used Liquid Glass) on the top of the swirl, and closed the card so that the other end of the swirl stuck to the top of the card.

Test it to make sure it opens easily.  Let dry.  When you open the card again, the swirl should be connected top and bottom to the card.  :)

After stamping and cutting out the butterfly, I put a another drop of Liquid Glass on the swirl where I wanted to place the butterfly.  Pretty easy!

I made the swirls on the circle about 1/4" wide.  Smaller looked better than larger (1/2"), plus you get more swirlies.

I also misted the butterflies with a mixture of water and Create-a-Shade Pearl Paint in the CTMH Spray Pen before I cut them out.  I think misting the front of the card would look nice, too.

Check out Craft Critiques' review/comparison of the CTMH Spray Pen vs. the Ranger spray pen. Good stuff! 

Oops - almost forgot to mention that I put a dab of Liquid Glass inside each of the flower centers on the cover, and sprinkled them with Prisma Glitter.  Love those sparlky things!  You could also add sparkles to the butterfllies...  Have fun!

Supplies Used:
Hot Diggity (C1407, $18.95)
Dreams Come True (D1470, $22.95)
Taffy Card Stock (X5630,  $9.50 for 24 sheets)
Sunkiss Yellow Card Stock (1240, $9.50 for 24 sheets)
Smoothie Card Stock (X5763, $9.50 for 24 sheets)
Smoothie Ink (Z2196, $5.25)
Sunflower Ink (Z2150, $5.25)
Create A Shade Pearl Paint (Z1039, $2.95)
Liquid Glass (Z679, $7.95)
Blush Collection Ribbon Rounds (Z1138, $4.00 - 33% off on my website!)
Prisma Glitter (Z134, $4.25)

Get well soon

I have to tell you, I was having trouble with the Stamp of the Month this month.   I didn't know what to do with the chairs, but I know chairs are "hot" right now.  If you haven't seen my other cards with the Stamp of the Month, click here.  There you can click onto the Stamp of the Month Blog Hop, where over 50 consultants participate in a big circle and each show what they've done with that month's Stamp of the Month.

If you get a chance to go around on the blog hop, you'll see that lots of people did some really cute things with the chairs.  I especially liked the sentiment "Hoping you're fully recovered soon."  I thought that was perfect with the upholstered chair.  I "borrowed" the sentiment.  

For the chair paper, I knew I wanted to use a small pattern.  I'd seen some chairs with larger, bolder patterns on them, and I didn't like them as well.  I used the back of the green paper with little polkadots and argyle pattern from Lucky.

This is what I came up with. 

For the brown faux photo holders on the corners, I used a portion of one of the stamps in the set, Unity.

But something's wrong.  It seems like the chair is floating in space.  I'd seen one card with an "area rug" so, I thought I'd add one, too.  Great idea!  (I love the blog hop!)

I made the area rug in Word (for Windows), using the Drawing Toolbar.  

To Create The Oval Shape in Word:
Click on the pull down menu under View.  Click on Toolbars.
Put a check mark next to the word "Drawing" and the Drawing Toolbar will appear on your screen.  (Mine was at the bottom of my screen.)
Put your cursor over the different buttons until you get to Oval.  Click on it.  You will get a box that says "Create your drawing here."  (This box may or may not happen, I've also had it where it skips the box, but you can still draw your oval (as long as you get the cross-see below).)
When you put your cursor inside the box, it will turn into a cross.  Click once to start your oval and drag your cursor (without taking your finger off the mouse key) to get the size/shape of oval that you want.

To Fill in your Oval with a Pattern:
Right click inside your oval.  Click on Format AutoShape.  A menu box will appear.
On the Colors and Lines tab, play with the colors until you get what you like.  
On that same tab (Colors and Lines) where you just picked your color, there's a little box at the bottom that says "Fill Effects."  That's how I got the little checked pattern in my rug.  There are 4 different tabs: Gradient, Texture, Pattern and Picture.  I chose Pattern.  Choose your pattern.

I cut out the oval and sponged around the edge.  I also sponged around the edge of the chair, to give it a little depth.  I also used the new Wooden Buttons and Mocha Opaques.  

Supplies Used:
Chairs To You (May Stamp of the Month), D1456, $22.95)
Magnifique Paper Pack (X7127B, $12.95)
Lucky Paper Pack (X7137B, $12.95)
Unity Stamp Set (C1422, $18.95)
Wooden Designer Buttons (Z1387, $5.95 for 24 buttons.  5 different designs))
Chocolate Waxy Flax (Z1088, $2.95)
Mocha Opaques Adhesive Jems  (Z133, $2.95)
Expressives Volume 1I Font Disk (Z1041, originally priced at $15.95, now just $5.00 on my website)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I love my Studio J layouts!

I have to tell you, I'm loving the Studio J layouts that I've made.  It's so easy!

The paper I used on this layout is a "Members Only" paper, meaning that you can only use it if you are a Studio J member.  I LOVE cupcakes, and I love the new Pear color.  So peppy!

I had a lot of pictures, so I used one of the layouts with lots of photo wells.  Plus, I converted one of the text/journaling boxes to a photo well.  SO cool!  (Ha!  No journaling required on this layout!!)

This one is from my son's first high school dance last month...

On this layout, I will add 4x6 Flip Flaps on top of the four rectangular pictures on the right.  I got this great idea from my team member, Cassie.  She had the flip flaps opening up into each other, rather than all mounted on the right or left.
If you want to make your own Studio J layouts - try it out!  (Click here to try it for free.)  Layouts are only $13 for a 2-page layout, or you can get layouts for just $6.50 when you're a member.  A 1-year membership is regularly $99, but you can get it (and lots of other benefits like free page protectors and shipping) as part of your New Consultant Kit.  The New Consultant Kit usually costs $129 (for up to $280 in stuff), but during May only, it's 1/2 price!  Just $64.50!!!  That's cheaper than just buying a Studio J membership!  Plus, you'll get the gorgeous You & Me scrapbooking kit ($34.95 value) for FREE...just don't wait too long, the special expires at the end of this month.

I was shocked how cheap it was when I checked out and purchased my layouts.  I created SEVEN two page layouts (so 14 pages in all), and it cost me $52.  Actually, it was even cheaper than that -- because I got my consultant discount right off the top -- so it was only $43.03 for the 14 pages.  PLUS I got free shipping and free page protectors!!   SWEET!

If you are interested in finding out more about digital scrapbooking and Studio J - Come to a free class -- Sunday, May 22 at 2:00pm.

If you are interested in getting a discount on your scrapbooking supplies -- sign up to join my team by clicking here.  It's the best "job" in the world - and I get a discount on my goodies AND I work with the best people.  People like you!  :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May is National Scrapbooking Month!

Did you know May is National Scrapbooking Month?  You probably did.  

Let’s Celebrate!

Join the National Scrapbooking Month celebration by getting the exclusive You & Me scrapbooking kit!  

With this wonderful kit, you can make two fully embellished two-page layouts using the included instructions, papers, exclusive D-size stamp set, and accessories. The You & Me scrapbooking kit includes:

   1 – My Acrylix® You & Me Stamp Set
   1 – 12” × 12” Colonial White Cardstock
   6 – 12” × 12” B&T Duos® Papers
   1 – 6” × 9” You & Me Irresistibles™ Chipboard Die-Cut Sheet
   1 Yard – Chocolate Stripe Ribbon
   1 Package – Opaques Mocha Adhesive Gems
   1 – Instruction Guide

There are 3 ways to get the kit:
1.  Buy it for just $34.95
2.  Place a $50 order and get the kit for just $15 (a 57% discount!!)
3.  Become a Close To My Heart consultant during May and you'll save 50% off on your New Consultant Kit ($64.50) AND get one You & Me kit for free*!  (Plus, you will be joining the best team in the company!)
*Shipping/handling may apply. Offer valid May 1–31, 2011 only.
 Want to see the stamp set?  (I always do!)

Here's what you can do with the kit:

Make cards...

I used paper from the Wings Creative Basics Collection to make this simple card.

Make gorgeous scrapbook pages...

...with beautiful details...

...and great new ideas...

Thanks to Lindsey Johnson for completing the layouts!

Can't wait to show you in person!  Come to a card class this month.  :)  RSVP here.
Friday, May 20 or 27 at 6:30pm or
Thursday, May 26 at 10am

Can't come or don't live close by?  Place an online order or join my team!  Let me know if you have questions.  Hope to see you soon!