Join Our CTMH Team!

I LOVE being a Close To My Heart consultant.  I have grown so much since I joined the Close To My Heart family in 2004.  I am more confident and positive, and I've done things I NEVER dreamed I would do.  Close To My Heart even has sales contests...I have earned a week-long Mediterranean Cruise and TWO Caribbean Cruises courtesy of Close To My Heart.  Wouldn't you love to take your sweetie, really good friend or family member on a cruise?  (Yes, airfare was included, and the staterooms were spacious and had balconies! woooooooo!)

I've met so many wonderful women - both my customers and team members.  It's a very generous company...and not just financially.  People share their knowledge, experience and creativity.  Often.

When you sign up to be a Close To My Heart consultant you join a family of people that love to have fun creating and sharing.

Top 10 reasons why you should join the Close To My Heart family:

1.  Close To My Heart has wonderful products that you actually WANT to use.

2.  The New Consultant Kit has fabulous Close To My Heart products, and you can pick your own stuff!

3.  You can have the best, most flexible job.  YOU set your hours, YOU decide how much you want to work and when...or not at all, if you want to be your one and only best customer.

4.  You can do Close To My Heart as a hobby (to get a discount on your supplies/support your habit) OR as a business to make money.  (I love the flexibility.)

5.  You will get a 22% discount on your stamping and scrapbooking supplies.  As you sell more, you get a larger discount/commission.  Up to 35% AND you get free product!

6.  You don't have to "sell" this stuff -- it sells itself!  I don't have a typical "sales" personality.  I think of myself as sharing my love of card making and scrapbooking.  

7.  You will be joining one of the best teams in the company (even though I have been doing Close To My Heart for 15 years, my upline has been doing this for almost 35 years, and is wonderful!)  These women are fabulous!

8.  The quarterly minimums are reasonable.  $300 (retail).  If you are simply supporting your habit, after your discount, you have spent only $234 for the 3-month period (plus tax and shipping).  Or you and a crafty friend can be your own best customers.  That way you get to share the love.

9.  You can earn free products and incentive trips (like cruises!)

10.   You can attend any of my card classes/events for free.

But the best reason of all is - It is FUN!

If you'd like more information, call or email me. or 425.941.3135.  Or, if you can't wait and it's the middle of the night - you can sign up right now!  :)