Thursday, September 23, 2010

Christmas Card - What? Already?

I know, I know, it's a little early to be thinking about Christmas already...but when you're doing a swap card you just have to roll with it.  Here's another swap card I made.  (I must really like coloring, because I made 27 of these cards.)

I really liked the way it turned out.  I used a pattern straight out of the Originals card book, the brand new stamp set St. Nick and papers from the Mistletoe Level 2 paper pack and Mistletoe Creative Basics (LOVE the Creative Basics - 6 sheets each of 2 different styles, PLUS 4 yards of coordinating gold ribbon).

It's hard to see, but I also used the Stardust Glitz Glitter Gel on Santa's pom-pom.  I also used a glitter gel pen on the berries and present, and "puffy tape" (foam mounting tape) on the holly.  Have fun with it!

Supplies Used:
  9032       Originals Card Confidence Program, $21.95
B1356       St. Nick, $13.95
X5811       Creative Basics-Mistletoe,7.95
X7130B    Mistletoe Paper Pack, $12.95
Z2135       New England Ivy Stamp Pad, $5.25
Z2116       Cranberry Stamp Pad, $5.25
Z2394       Sky Marker (for eyes), $2.95
Z2353       Sweet Leaf Marker, $2.95
Z2324       Grey Flannel Marker, $2.95
Z2316       Cranberry Marker, $2.95
Z2302       Baby Pink Marker (for lip), $2.95
Z2342       Parchment Marker, $2.95
Z1313       Stardust Glitz, 2.95
Z1290       Foam Tools, $9.95
                Foam Mounting Tape
                Clear Sparkly Gel Pen