Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's Gift Card Time!

It's so easy to give a gift card nowadays.  My mother-in-law doesn't like giving them, because she likes taking the time to shop for something special for the recipient.  I agree, BUT, I also like that I don't have to bother with getting the right size, shape, or color of gift, AND my friend (or relative) can get whatever his or her heart desires (ok, within reason, because I'm not giving big expensive gift cards!)  :)  

I loved the simplicity of this gift card holder.  It's one 4" x 12" piece of paper folded into quarters (like a "W" shape.  (You glue the two center sections together.)  The finished piece is 3" x 4".  Then you just decorate the various sides as desired.  The slider thingy (yes, that's the official term) on the front slides up; it's a band around the card and keeps it shut.  Plus, I put a big brad to keep the slider-thingy from coming off the bottom.

To make the semi-circle card-holder, I used a Coluzzle, which, sadly, has been discontinued by the manufacturer.  BUT you can just use a piece of double-stick tape to stick your gift card on there.  (So much easier, too!)

So, the advantage of making a pretty gift card holder for your gift card (that you took 5 minutes to buy at the grocery store) is that you took the time to make a really special gift card holder for your friend.  That's worth something, isn't it!??!  :) Your friend will still feel special.

Supplies Used:
Cherry O Paper Pack, X7123B
Fringed Phrases, C1366
Butterfly Wings, D1341
Sweet Leaf Card Stock
Colonial White Card Stock
Tulip Card Stock
Tulip Stamp Pad
Blush Stamp Pad
Sweet Leaf Stamp Pad
Texture Tools, Z1298
Crystal Blue Marker
Sweet Leaf Marker
Tulip Mini Medleys, Z1320
Opaques, Pearl, Z1336
Piercing Tool (to lift off the Opaques and position them on the card)
Coluzzle Circle Shape