Friday, July 19, 2013

Table decorations, anyone?

You knew that you could make cards and scrapbook pages with your Cricut and Cricut cartridges, but you can do so much more! I used my Art Philosophy cartridge to make these fun table decorations for a party we threw for my friends who are moving to Cincinnati.

Originally, I was going to use the little terracotta flower pots for the bases, but when I was at the craft store, I saw glass pots -- and I realized that I could use glasses from my cupboard!  So I used some green tissue paper sandwiched between two pieces of clear cellophane wrap for color, and filled the cups with raw rice as weight.  I cut the circles and letters on the Cricut.  Then I mounted the circles on bamboo skewers to stick into the rice. SOOOO easy!  I put circles on the back, too, so it would look finished and my skewers would have something to stick to.

Note to self (or you):  The cups were in the center of a rectangular table, with people going down both sides of the table. If you do this, either leave the back circles blank or make sure the words read right from BOTH sides of the table.  I did think about this originally, and made each cup read properly (for example, G-O-O-D) on both sides of the cup...BUT when taken together, the people on the back side of the table read "RHONDA PAT & BYE GOOD" instead of 'GOOD BYE PAT & RHONDA".  oops.

I also made some Cricut flowers for a little color.  LOVE that!

Colors used:  Buttercup, Topiary, Smoothie.
Other:  Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge, Foam Mounting Tape, Green Tissue Paper, Clear Cellophane Wrap, Bamboo Skewers.

Afterwards, I took the circles off the sticks and made a page for their scrapbook.  (Yes, I actually made a scrapbook.  It was really FUN.  I used Flip Flaps and stamped in it.  Everyone loved it.  

To make the flowers "stand up" a little, I folded them in half and used a 3/4" circle.  I stuck them together with foam mounting tape.  I"m pretty sure no one noticed this little thing, but I did, and it made me happy.  :)

A bunch of other people made scrapbook pages, too.  I'm sure Rhonda & Pat will enjoy the scrapbook.