Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Digital Layouts from my Alaska Scrapbooking Cruise

I don't know why I don't use Studio J more often for my scrapbooking.  The layouts always turn out so much cuter than when I do it the 'old fashioned' way.

I love the new EXPRESS COLLECTIONS.  The layouts start with (almost) finished layouts, and you can drag and drop your photos, just like 'regular' Studio J...but you don't have to mess with it too much, because they're already so cute!  Sometimes 'complete freedom' is just too much work -- kind of like that fancy phone that you (I) have -- that I only know how to use 5% of the functionality -- you know, for making phone calls, sending texts and taking pictures.

Express Collections lets you still make cute pages without all the pressure of changing this, that and the other thing.  I like that!  (I can make a 2-page layout in a few minutes instead of a lot of minutes.)  Here's some of the creations I made from our Alaska Scrapbooking Cruise:

This "paper" is the online exclusive "Little Man" digital paper.

I'm planning on adding Flip Flaps on top of the square pictures.  So easy!!

In case you're still wondering - let's ask Close To My Heart:  What are Studio J Express Collections??

In addition to creating your own custom layouts from scratch, we have just added Express Collections. This includes six Express Collections you can use to quickly and easily create beautiful layouts. Each themed Express Collection includes 10 two-page coordinating, fully embellished layouts, plus a front and back page for your album, that are professionally designed and nearly complete—you simply drag in your photos and add your title and journaling! You can choose to create all 10 layouts plus the covers, or create just a few of the layouts in the collection. It’s up to you. Express Collections makes getting your photos off your camera card or computer and into gorgeous layouts faster than ever!

You can even try Studio J for FREE -- just create an account, log in, play with it, and if you like what you created, you can order it.  If not, just let it go (eventually it will expire and disappear into the sunset).

It's super reasonable - just $6.95 per TWO-page, custom-printed layout.  That's just $3.48 PER PAGE!!  And when you buy the (printed) 12x12 layout (they mail it to you), you ALSO get the jpg of your scrapbooking creation.  Or you can just order the jpg for just $2.95.  (In case you already have a 12x12 printer or you're going to have someone else (Costco) print it for you.)  Cool!

Wanna try it?  Check it out here!  Have fun!  Let me know what you think.