Sunday, December 8, 2013

Getting Over My Washi Tape Phobia...

Last month we did this super fun card in class.  It uses several techniques:

- Washi Tape (ack!)
- Masking - I stamped the cloud on a Post-It note to make a mask (see below for more info)
- Using the CTMH spray pen with rubbing alcohol and reinker to subtly change colors on the page
- Paper Piecing (cutting out a stamped image and sticking it on top of another stamped image that's on your card

1. Stamp your image (cloud) on a Post-It note.  Cut out the cloud.  This is your "mask."
2. Put the mask on the blank piece of paper where you want your clouds to be.
3. Use the spray pen and fill it to line 9 (or so) with rubbing alcohol.  Put 2 or 3 drops of Pacifica Reinker in the pen.  Close and shake well.
4.  Prime the spray pen (spray it on a scratch paper).  Holding the spray pen about 12" from your (project) paper, mist lightly.  The closer you are to the paper, the "blobby-er" your spray will be.
5. Remove your Post-It clouds.  It will be white where the Post-It was, and light blue everywhere else.

6. Use a heat gun (lightly) to be sure the rubbing alcohol has completely dried.
7. Stamp the cloud stamp on top of the white clouds to outline them.  (I used Outdoor Denim.)  Pretty cool, huh!

8. Stamp your other images on the paper

It IS subtle, but there is a difference between the sprayed and unsprayed papers.

9. Stamp a second balloon on a scratch paper.  Color it with markers and cut it out.  (I just cut out the big balloon and the small basket...not the balloon "ropes."

10.  Using foam mounting tape, adhere the colored balloon to the top of the uncolored balloon on your card.  Do the same with the basket.

Close up shot of the balloon and basket.

I used the pink pokadotted Washi Tape for an accent piece on the side.  Love it!  Slowly, slowly, I'm recovering from my washi-tape-phobia!

Have fun creating your own "blue sky"!!  
This would also work great to make a background with different coordinating colors.

Supplies Used:
Party Washi Tape 3-pack (Z1908, $14.95)
Lifting Spirits (C1570, $13.95)
Outdoor Denim Stamp Pad (Z2140, $5.25)
Markers:  Gypsy, Honey, Indian Corn Blue
Spray Pen (Z1380, $3.95 for a set of 3)
Reinker: Pacifica
Micro-Tip Scissors (retiring at the end of January)
Rubbing Alcohol
Post-It Note
Foam Mounting Tape