Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cards from Envelopes

Here's another swap card I got at the Close To My Heart convention last week. This one was created by Brenda Rutt.

She took a regular envelope and sealed it. Then she cut the "top" off, about an inch and a half. (Don't throw it away!) She then ran the bottom part through a paper crimper. This makes the bottom just the tiniest bit narrower than the top, which allows the bottom to slide into the top easily. Ooh! Easy!!!

No measuring, planning or carefully cutting papers to make sure they fit together. You know me, I'm all about "easy" cards. (but they have to be cute, of course.)

Here's close up of the top. The clear button was "colored" by putting a round piece of colored card stock behind. Very clever! Inside the envelope is a tag which coordinates with the front.

Unforgettable Paper Pack (X7106B, $12.95)
Juniper and Cocoa Card Stock (in Unforgettable)
Intrinsic Backgrounds (D1335, $22.95)
Chocolate Ink (Z2111, $5.25)
Chocolate Waxy Flax (Z1088, $3.95)
Chocolate Ribbon Rounds (Z1127, $7.95)
Clear Buttons are available in two button packs: (Clear Buttons - Z1155 or Holiday Buttons - Z1285, both $6.50)
Glue Dots (1772, $7.50)
I'm not sure about the stamp set - but any small word sentiment will work great.



That is very clever! And cute!

Lisa Sargent

Thanks. It's so easy. You can do it with any size envelope. (Even the big business size ones. Just cut a chunk out of the middle and throw it away!)