Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Gift Card Holder

Inspired by Tresa Black
This month, one of the cards we're making in class is a 3-D gift card holder.  This card was inspired by the fabulous Tresa Black, on her UStream video that I watched yesterday.  She really is creative!  I didn't have the Christmas tree stamp she had, but I had another symmetrical tree stamp, so that worked out fine.  :)  Plus, this is my fav. Christmas tree stamp set, Evergreen (D1315).  One year we put a bunch of small cranberry brads on the trees to make them look like ornaments.  Super fun and easy (my two favorite adjectives when it comes to card making.)

So, this card doesn't necessarily fall into the "easy" category, but I think it's worth the effort.

Take a 5"x12" piece of card stock, and score it at 3 1/2", 6" and 8 1/2"
Fold the card up in the center and down on the sides, so it looks like a "W"

With the card folded in half, measure in 3/4" from the folded edge and mark it.  Take a 1/4" hole punch and punch 1/2 of the hole at the 3/4" marks.

Then take a paper trimmer or Exacto knife and cut between the two holes, to make a card pull-out (trough).

Take a 1" punch (or similar) and punch a partial circle in the middle of the pull-out you just made.

Once again, pictures are better (at least for me)... (You can click on the picture and make it larger and print it.)

Glue the two center pieces of the fold together (gluing just on the edges, in a "U" shape), forming a pocket for your gift card in the center.  

TIP:  Tresa suggested using an adhesive that "dries hard."  I never thought about this before...You know how sometimes you make a gift card holder (or a card with a pull-out tab), and the gift card kind of sticks to the adhesive you used on the card?  That makes me just a little bit crazy.  Well, if you use an adhesive that "dries hard" like glue stick, Bonding Memories, Liquid Glass you won't have that problem.  If you use an adhesive that never dries out, and remains sticky forever (like Tombow, Terrifically Tacky Tape (redliner tape), Hermafix (Dotto Dots), or Glue Dots) you have the potential of your gift card sticking to your adhesive.  This was an AH-HA moment for me! 

SO - Use the "dries hard" kind of adhesive on the middle section.

You're basically done with the gift card part of the card.  The embellishing is the harder part of this card.  Tresa made a 3-D Christmas tree. So, I did, too, copy-catter that I am...

Stamp and cut out 3 Christmas trees.  Decorate the trees with markers.  Score them in half, folding the "pretty sides" in.  You can trim the trees or sponge the edges a bit, if you "missed a spot."

Now for the gluing instructions...If you label the backs of the trees 1,2,3 and the halves on each tree labeled Right (R) and Left (L), glue them together like this:

Side 1L gets no adhesive at this time
Side 1R attaches to 2L
Side 2R attaches to 3L
Side 3R gets no adhesive at this time
Got it?  Good!  :)

I put Bitty Sparkles on the center one (tree #2).  Don't put sparkles on the center crease.

If you don't want to do the fancy tree, just stamp ONE tree on the card stock and decorate that one.  It's still a cool gift card holder.

When you're ready to put your tree on your card, just put adhesive on Tree Side 1L and 3R and stick to your card.  One of the nice things about this gift card holder, is that even though it's 3-D, it can lay flat and will mail easily.

The striped paper I used was 4" x 7 1/2".  With the folded paper in the center, the card is a tiny, tiny bit larger than the 7" you think it is.  So you can just glue the decorative paper down and trim the excess off.

So now, you can decorate your card together with whatever you want to.  I liked the ribbon closure (22"), but you could also use Velcro dots or a spiral paper clip.  Whatever suits you!

Supplies I Used:
Evergreen (D1315)
Today's Date (D1286)
Mistletoe Paper Pack (X7130B)
New England Ivy Card Stock (included in Mistletoe Paper Pack)
Cranberry Card Stock (included in Mistletoe Paper Pack)
Colonial White Card Stock (included in Mistletoe Paper Pack)
Bamboo Card Stock (for liner in the back section) (1301)
Desert Sand Card Stock (for the tree trunk) (1273)
New England Ivy Stamp Pad (Z2135)
Cranberry Stamp Pad (Z2116)
Cocoa Stamp Pad (for sponging) (Z2114)
New England Ivy Marker (Z2335)
Gold Ribbon is from Creative Basics Mistletoe Collection (X5811)
Bitty Sparkles (Z1263)
Blue & Green Assortment of Sparkles (Z1327)
Red. Pink & Purple Assortment of Sparkles (Z1326)
Sanding Kit (for edge distressing) (Z1294)
Round Sponge (Z697)
Bonding Memories Glue (1512)