Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hope your Christmas was fabulous!

Here's the last Christmas card I made this year.  It would have been a lot smarter to make the SAME Christmas card, but I guess that's kind of boring. 

I "borrowed" this card from my friend Lisa Stenz, who is incredibly talented.  

I liked the way the card turned out.  After trying it with Liquid Glass and a little glitter, I tried it with a can of spray adhesive and a LOT of glitter.  See what you get?  My mother, who thinks everything goes better with glitter, would love it.

Sorry about the naked buttons.  I only made one of these.  I was surprised how much glitter it took.

Supplies Used:
Hello There (for the branch)
Holiday Trinkets (for hanging thread)
Buttoned Together ("So Glad We're Friends")
Prisma Glitter
Pear Stamp Pad
Chocolate Stamp Pad
Pear Mini-Medley Accents
Lagoon Mini-Medley Accents
Liquid Glass
Spray Mount (spray adhesive in an aerosol can)