Friday, March 11, 2011

Digital Layouts I made last night....SO easy!

I haven't played much with Close To My Heart's online scrapbooking program - Studio J - too much.  But when I do, it's so much fun!  You can get layouts done so quickly and easily.  You pick the layout style, paper and pictures to create your page.  My favorite part is that you can drag and drop photos into the photo wells, and easily swap them out.  The hard part about "real" scrapbooking for me, is knowing what size to print my photos, and how small/large to crop my pictures down to (because I am cheap and don't want to print, and reprint the photos to different sizes).  This is no longer an issue with Studio J!  Check it out --

I plan on adding a few "real" embellishments when the layouts arrive on my doorstep next week.  

I also made these last night.  :)  More pictures of the girls.  They're so fun to shoot, because they're really photogenic.

These wonderful people are on my Close To My Heart team!  I typically take off a bunch of the "suggested" embellishments on the digital layout (which is super easy).  I like the way they've made the virtual embellishments - they even have the little shadow behind them, so they look 3-D. 

Journaling is not my strong suit - I'm more of a caption kind of person.  I think it's because I don't like sharing my inner feelings with everyone who's flipping through my scrapbook.  I have to work on that, because those inner feelings are the things that people cherish down the road.  Another way to "solve" that problem is to have hidden journaling, so that only the people who know where to look will find your innermost thoughts.  :)

Who are all those blonde people, and how can they be related to me?  Just kidding, this is my husband's wonderful extended family.  We spend every Christmas (and most major holidays) with them.  I recently started snapping pictures of everyone at every gathering.  They're pretty good-natured about it, especially since they know what I do for a living. 

Did you know you can play with STUDIO J for free?  Just click here, create a login, upload some photos and start playing!  I love that you can try it for free.  If you like it, you can buy your creation(s).  If you really like it and think you'll buy often - get a 1-year membership* ($99) and get half-price off your layouts, free shipping once a month, free page protectors, and special members-only papers and layouts.  I bought SIX (2-page) layouts last night - they were only $6.50 per layout (retail) - that's $3.25 per page!!!  (It was even cheaper, because of my consultant discount.)  Can't always do that with "real" scrapbooking!

* You can even buy your membership at a gathering and have it count towards your sales totals!  Call or email me if you are interested and have questions about Studio J.