Monday, March 14, 2011

Project of the Week

I was inspired by a wallet I saw at the store.  I thought, "I can make that with paper!"  So I did.  I thought it worked out.  Tell me what you think.

It opens like a wallet, and I will close it with a Velcro dot.  I learned how to make flowers from Christine David.  I used a circle 4"x4" piece of card stock and cut it into a rough circle.  Then I cut swirls in it (like a snail).  Don't make your strips too narrow, or it will take forever to make your flower.

Trim off the little tail at the end.

I trimmed the little tail off of the circle, so I had a flat piece to start.  Take your tweezers and wind the paper around the end of the tweezers.

Keep winding!

Until you get to the end/inside of the circle.

Then put some Liquid Glass on the bottom of the circle and push the flower "petals" into the Liquid Glass, until it dries a little/sticks.

Here's a close-up of the flowers.  I used Cotton Candy, Hollyhock and White Daisy for my flowers.  The white flower was made from a 3 1/2"x3 1/2" square that I cut into a "circle."  The other two were 4x4.  I also used the new Spray Pen on the white flower.  I also used some Glitz Gitter Gel on the edges of the flowers.  This was really fun to make, and a lot easier than it looks.

Supplies Used:
Sweetheart Paper Pack (X7134B, $12.95)
Hollyhock Card Stock
Cotton Candy Card Stock
White Daisy Card Stock
Pear Card Stock
Giltz Glitter Gel
Spray Pen
Liquid Glass
Cotton Candy Reinker
Pearls (white) - for inside the flowers
Narrow tipped tweezers
Rubbing Alchohol

For the inside the "wallet" I put a 3 1/2" piece of a small paper bag.  (I actually cut the piece off the TOP of the bag, not the bottom.)

Isn't this a fun one!  We'll be making this in card class this month.  Can't wait to show you.



what fun - love the concept, the colors, the card, the flowers! And yes, I'll be there on the 25th. Looks like with Kristi S and maybe Jenn. Melanie

Lisa Sargent

yay! See you then. :)