Thursday, April 14, 2011

Got Milk? er...Milk Carton?

I love this cute little candy/anything holder.  We made it at a recent team meeting, and I'm excited to teach it at my classes this month.  I am putting chocolate Kisses in my cartons, but you really could fill it with anything...except liquid, of course!

Start with a 8 1/2" x 6 1/2" piece of card stock. 

I think if you click on the diagram, it will get larger.

Here's the scoring diagram.  It really is important to score your card stock.  Otherwise your folds won't be crisp.  I used our Fiskars Paper Trimmer and the Bone Folder.  (Or you could use a scoring blade with the trimmer.)

It's a little bit of work to score the card stock like in the diagram, but I think it's worth it.

Cut out the "cut" sections.  Fold on the score lines, but don't adhere anything yet.  Make sure your carton goes together as it should.

Use Terrifically Tacky Tape first on the side flap.  Then use some on the bottom to keep it together.  Whatever adhesive you use has to be really sticky.  You don't want your milk carton falling apart at the seams!

Also, to adhere the (non-opening) top part of the milk carton, I used a little bit of Liquid glass in between the folds (3 places).  

TIP:  To keep your Liquid Glass and card stock in place while it's drying, use a small binder clip as a vice.  I discovered that the binder clip left little "bite marks" in the milk carton, so I used a very small piece of card stock in between the binder clip and the carton, so it didn't get dented where the clip was.

You could close up the carton completely, but then your friend would have to tear your beautiful creation to get the treats inside.  (Or you could secure it with a cute decorated clip.)  (Besides, you don't want them to rip it, your milk carton will be much to gorgeous to have them tear it apart in 2 seconds.)  That's why I left the spout open.

For the flowers, I punched two flowers, and gently bent all the petals on one flower up.  I offset them slightly, glued them together with Liquid Glass, and then put a decorated green button on it.

I made 3 sets of punched flowers, and put one on 3 of the sides.  Plus, I stamped a little sentiment, cut it out freehand and edged it with Smoothie ink.

I hope you are inspired to create something today!

Supplies Used:
Mayberry Paper Pack (X7136B, $12.95)
Smoothie Card Stock (included in Mayberry Paper Pack)
Treasures (D1375 , $22.95)
Honey Card Stock (X5668, $9.50 for 24 sheets)
Desert Sand Stamp Pad (Z2118, $5.25)
Round Sponge (Z697, $1.25)
Smoothie Stamp Pad (Z2196, $5.25)
Green Assortment Buttons (Z1372, $5.95)

Colonial White Waxy Flax (Z1081, $3.95)
Euro Personal Paper Trimmer (Z338, $29.95)
Bone Folder (Z1204, $4.95) (OR you can use the paper trimmer with a scoring blade)
Liquid Glass (Z679, $7.95)
Terrifically Tacky Tape
Flower Punch
Glue Dots
Small Binder Clip