Saturday, June 18, 2011

Neverending Card - cool!

I got this great card idea from my upline.  It's so interesting...  Instead of 2 places where there's a card message, there are 3 (6 panels)!  Front/Back, Inside and Inside back.  Weird.  The trick to assembly, is doing just one step at a time.  No trying to be efficient and skipping ahead!

This is the neverending card we are making in card class this month:  (It's never ending, because you can keep flipping it over and getting a new message...)  Hard to explain....


Oops, a little bit crooked!


Flip it over and you'll see the Inside-back:

Also, I liked that the stamp set (Card Chatter - Birthday) has a ton of birthday messages in the set - so I only needed the one stamp set to make the card.  I did use another stamp set for the little Presents, Happy Birthday and Stars, but you could use anything for those...or leave them out.

The really nice thing about this card is it uses just one (double-sided) piece of 8 1/2" x 11" piece of patterned paper.  Here's the instructions, lifted straight from my upline...  

Here's some pictures to help you assemble:

After you've folded the paper (like the first picture above, with the 16 squares), cut out the center 4 panels.  (I used an Exacto knife, metal ruler and cutting mat, but you could use a paper trimmer, or scissors.)

Folding your paper up from the bottom, glue the "A" box to "A" other box (and ONLY the "A" boxes).  Then, folding your paper down, glue the "B" box to the other "B" box:

After you've glued the "A"s together and the "B"s together, it looks like this (below).  Folding side to side, glue the "D" box to the "D" box and the "C" box to the "C" box.

Now it looks like this:

Fold the lower half up to meet the upper half:

Yay!  You are done.  This is your card (front).  Now you can decorate it.

I hope you are brave enough to try this on your own!  :)  If not, come to one of my card classes this month and we can do it together.


Supplies Used:
Fanfare Paper Pack (X7138B, $12.95)
Card Chatter - Birthday (D1475, $22.95)
Tag the Occasion (B1362, $13.95)
Pacifica Stamp Pad (Z2192, $5.25)
Tulip Stamp Pad (Z2166 , $5.25)
Bitty Sparkles (Z1263 , $2.95)
Jelly Roll Brand Sparkly Gel Pen (clear)