Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stamp Kissing

I love showing you new ways to use your existing stamp sets. You may have already seen this technique, but it's a good one!

Stamp Kissing is where you take one stamp and stamp on another stamp so that when you stamp on your project, the result is an image which shows both stamps in a new and interesting way.

Hard to explain - better to show you:

Created by Georgia Hauglid

See the dotted flower?  It's actually a solid flower, and Georgia stamped the Spot On Background stamp on top of the tulip.

Here's how it goes:
1.  Ink up the tulip (from A Tulip stamp set) with Bamboo Ink
2.  Ink up the polkadots (from Spot On Backgrounds) with Sunset Ink 
3.  Stamp the polkdots directly onto the tulip stamp (which makes Sunset polkadots onto the flower head)
4.  Stamp the tulip on to your paper
5.  Cut out the tulip

She did the same thing with the stem - but instead of adding a color to the stem, she stamped with a clean (uninked) stamp to remove some of the color.  

Like this:
1.  Ink up the stem with Pear Ink
2.  Stamp the CLEAN polkadot stamp onto the stem stamp (which removes some of the Pear ink from the stem)
3.  Stamp the stem onto your paper
4.  Cut out the stem
It's important to clean the polkadotted stamp each time before doing step #2 again (if you're making a bunch of stems), because the polkadots will now have Pear Ink on them.)  You need a clean stamp to make this work right....It might be a good idea to clean the Sunset Ink off (above, on the flower head, so you don't mess up your Sunset stamp pad.)

Pretty cool, huh!  It works best with solid stamps (for the basic stamp).  You know, like solid hearts, flowers, solid alphabets...

If you're too lazy to do this fun (and easy) technique, or don't want to deal with it - try the stamp set - Bohemian Alphabet.  The work is already done for you (as far as I'm concerned).  Put me into the 'too lazy' category.  :)

Created by Rose Mary Steel
I like how the Bohemian Alphabet has the design already into the letters.  Muuuuuuch easier!

Tulip Card:
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