Monday, December 5, 2011

Faux Pinwheel Card

When I saw this card style, I thought, wow, that's cool!  It looks like a pinwheel, sort of, and it also looks like you have to cut your papers to fit into the pinwheel.  It really is so much easier than that!

To make the "pinwheel":
Cut four 1 1/4" square Outdoor Denim pieces
Then cut four 1 1/4" x 2 1/2" pieces of Lucky paper
Cut one 2 1/2" square Indian Corn Blue (or any color card stock; you will be covering it up)

Fold the four Lucky papers in half:

Glue the folded papers onto the Indian Corn Blue card stock so that all the openings of the small papers and facing the same direction (clockwise).  If you did it right, when it's open it looks like this:

Close the squares up:

Take the Outdoor Denim squares and tuck (and glue) one inside each open fold (with the corner in the center of the "pinwheel").  Repeat with all 4 Outdoor Denim squares.  This makes the pinwheel effect.

After you've finished placing/gluing all 4 Outdoor Denim squares, you can put a brad in the center of your "faux pinwheel."  I like the bigger brads (like the Filigree Charms or (the larger) Designer Brads).  The proportion is better.  Try to get your blue squares to line up to look like a large square, also.

Its a nice card, because it's not girly (like most of my cards).  The pewter finish of the brad ties it together, although I think the Antique Copper would work nicely with this paper, too.

I used the (old) thinner Background & Texture (B&T) paper, but I think it would work fine with the new heavier cardstock weight.

Supplies Used:
Card Chatter - Birthday
Lucky Paper Pack
Outdoor Denim, Colonial White Card Stock (included in pack)
Indian Corn Blue Card Stock (you can use any color, it will be covered up)
Outdoor Denim Stamp Pad
Filigree Charms