Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stamp & Scrap Garage Sale this Sunday (9/2) from noon to 3pm

I have too much good stuff! Come by my Stamp & Scrap Garage Sale for some free make-n-takes, snacks, and discounted paper crafting supplies.  (Plus, if you're not doing something more exciting for the Labor Day weekend, you can come and hang out with us for a bit!)  [Email me if you need my address.]

You can check out the NEW Close To My Heart Catalog! Lots of beautiful papers and stamps. What does that mean for you?  Deep discounts on retired goodies.  It's out with the old and in with the new!  (My craft-filled house can only take so much...)

I also have a personal, customer-special right now - Place a qualifying CTMH order and get FREE stuff! from me! 

It's my Last Ditch Effort Sale to earn the Close To My Heart Incentive Cruise!  I only need 3,000 more points -- I can do this, but I need your help!  

Even if you can't come to my 'Garage Sale' you can still take advantage of my customer special!

Order $100*      GET     Anything in the catalog priced between 
                                        $18 and $20 for FREE**

Order $75*        GET     Anything in the catalog priced between 
                                        $12 and $14 for FREE**

Order $50*        GET     Anything in the catalog priced between 
                                        $9 and $11 for FREE**

To get the most bang for your buck - Order a minimum of $35 in product and you can buy the It's Your Day/National Stamping Month double set (a $35.90 value) for just $5!  If you spend $50 in product, you can buy the August Stamp of the Month ($17.95 value) for just $5, too!  Now is a great time to shop! 

If you were wanting the Cricut Cartridge (700 wonderful shapes!), you could buy that, add the two $5 special stamp sets (spending $109*) and get up to $172.85* worth of stuff!!  Cool!!

The sale is open to ALL customers and hostesses!

* Order total before shipping and tax
** Customer pays shipping and tax on free item

If you decide to shop online, remember to "Join" the Last Ditch Effort party.  Your goodies will ship to you directly, and I will mail you a check for you the cost of your free product.

I hope you can stop by my Stamp/Scrap Garage Sale on Sunday, September 2.  It's from noon to 3:00pm.  I'd love to see you!

You can also check out the brand new Thirty-One catalog and goodies! woo-hoo!!


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