Monday, June 10, 2013

Another cruise scrapbook!

Every day on our Alaska cruise, we did a project.  One day we used the Tommy Paper Pack (X7169B, $9.95), Tommy Complements Canvas Shapes (X7169C, $5.95) and the My Creations (chipboard) Bookmark Album (Z1740, $8.95).

It was fun!  AND when you finished your project, you had a little scrapbook for your Alaska cruising memories!  I gave mine to my parents (who also went on the trip) as a memento.  I think they liked it.

What I especially liked was the canvas Tommy Complements (coordinating stickers).  At the end of the post are some tips for completing the project.

The cover flap (on the right) has a magnetic closure/clasp.

This is our ship, the Norwegian Jewel

The family in Ketchikan

Me at the Hubbard Glacier.  Wow, that was an amazing sight.

That little dark spot in the water is a ship.  The mountains were amazing and huge!

You can't tell, but this was a roast pig stuffed with roast pork and sausage.
I love meat, but this was a little too much for me.

My cute parents.

My cute in-laws.


Just sitting around in the bar passing the day...

The glaciers were breathtaking!

I had gotten some tips from my CTMH sisters, which were extremely helpful when working with this chipboard album:

1.  Buy some larger rings for the album.  I took out the ones that came with the mini-album and replaced them with 1" rings that I bought at Staples.

2.  Use Finishing Files (Z1091, $5.95) on the swirly shaped "pages" to trim the cardstock to the shape of the chipboard.  You can also use sandpaper or ink (and a sponge dauber) to edge distress each of the pages.  I was too lazy to do this.  : \  It seemed to work well when people traced the shape on the card stock, cut out the basic shape, glued the shape to the chipboard "page" and then used the finishing files to make the edges look weathered.

3.  It was mentioned that the magnetic front flap doesn't allow much room for expansion in the album.  (So if you cover your pages and put pictures in the book, you will have difficulty closing it.)  I cut the half-circle flap off of the back piece and made a new "hinged flap" (the red anchor paper) out of B&T (patterned paper).  That way the hinge would be larger and I could accommodate a really thick book.

4.  The inside of the magnetic front flap thingy and the front cover both have magnets in them.  But the magnet isn't super strong.  In order to minimize the layers of paper between the two sides of the magnet, I only put paper on the front cover.  The inside of the flap cover is white, like the entire mini-scrapbook, but I wanted to color it.  I used a sponge dauber and Outdoor Denim ink to color the inside of the flap.

5.  If you want the word "AWAITS" to fit on your cover and be readable when the book is closed, start with the letter "S", put it near (but not below) the flap with the magnet, and work backwards.

6.  To re-punch the holes on each page, I used a 1/4" single hole punch (like the kind you get in school).  I would put the paper on one side of the page, re-punch the holes, then cover the other side of the page.  Sometimes you had to jiggle the punch to get exactly into the hole.

Other stuff:  
     You could decorate the rings with a bunch of different types of ribbon (that match).
     I used the Outdoor Denim Chevron Ribbon (Z1808, $6.95) and Colonial White Waxy Flax to decorate the tag.
     You could combine TWO mini-albums and put them together.  You would definitely need larger rings for that.

I hope you get a chance to make some mini-albums of your own!  (Check out the SHOP link on my website - plus there's always great "While Supplies Last" items to see...  Have a sunny day!