Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dressing up your leftovers...

My sister-in-law turned 50 last week.  I made her a set of cards for a birthday present.  I used some of the extra Laughing Lola paper I had.  I LOVE being able to make things out of paper that I have hanging around.  (It makes me feel like I'm being productive and frugal by shopping my stash!)  Um, I think that might be why SCRAPbooking and card making appeal to me.  Waste not, want not, right!!??

This card layout is one of the simplest and the best way to use up paper!

The purple is the back side of the crazy bold paisley pattern.

I really like the NEW Teal Shimmer Trim (glittery tape), which is coming out February 1.  SOOOO sparkly!  (and it's much easier to get the protective backing off on this one.)  I also used a piece of the black tulle that we used to carry, behind the monogram.  (Did you know all the monogram stamps are retiring at the end of this month????  Get them while you can!!  See the retiring items section of my website to see all the fun stuff that's going away on 1/31/14.  The monograms are going away, too, but they are shown HERE.

The scallop punch I used was one I had hanging around. 

Yes, I know, it's not fancy, but hey, I got something done!  I think that's what I'm here for -- to show you how to get something done.  I could make some super elaborate card, but you might never get around to making it, because it's too complicated.  Simple is good.  AND it makes the person you're giving it to think that they might be able to do that, too!  Share the love, ladies.  :)

You could always make a dressier card by cutting a Cricut card with a swooshy edge.

I hope my sister-in-law liked the cards.  She likes bold designs.  It doesn't get much bolder than Laughing Lola!

Supplies Used:
Laughing Lola Paper Pack
Monogram "L"
Teal Shimmer Trim (coming 2/1/14)
Whisper c/s
Black stamp pad
Baker's Twine (to tie the tulle in the middle)
Black Tulle
1 1/2" scallop punch
Hot glue gun (to stick the monogram, tulle and card together)