Friday, January 17, 2014

Wheeeeee! Spinning Monkey Card!

I love interactive cards - they are so much fun!!  This one was inspired by my team member, Michele, who taught a similar card at a recent team meeting.

If you pull on the string hanging down, the monkey spins on the video below.  It's SOOOOOOOOO fun!!

Supplies Needed:
Card Base (I made mine 4" x 5 1/2")
Chocolate Card Stock - 4" x 5 1/2"
Babycakes' Polkadot B&T (Patterned Paper) 3 3/4" x 5 1/4"
Chocolate sunburst (3 1/2") - Art Philosophy
Sunset sun shape (3") - Art Philosophy
Colonial White sun shape (2 1/2") - Art Philosphy
Buttercup B&T (patterned paper) 1/2" x 2"
Sunset Card Stock - 1/2" x 2 1/4" (for pull tab)
Chocolate Stamp Pad
Sweet Leaf Stamp Pad (for edge distressing the Buttercup B&T)
12" Baker's Twine - Natural Assortment - Z1701, $4.95.  The Sunset color in the Paradise Assortment (Z1702) works great, too!
Wild Wonders Stamp Set - C1558, $13.95
Holiday Tags - D1560, $17.95
Glue Dots

It's not hard to make the spinning mechanism, but it's a little counter-intuitive...
In addition to the items listed above, you will also need these supplies:

1- Brad with long prongs in the back.  Doesn't matter what the top looks like, it will be covered.
2 - 1" circular pieces of clear plastic (like the backing sheets that the sparkles come on)  - They don't have to be perfect circles, 2 1" squares with the corners rounded will work fine, too.
2 - 1/2" or similar pieces of foam mounting tape (you can round these corners, too)
Piercing Tool

So the whole thing spins on the brad.  Here's what you do to make the spinning "sandwich":

Take the Piercing tool, and poking a hole in the center of each item, put the items on in the following order
(so that the #1 item is closest to the wood handle of the Piercing Tool):
1.  Sunset sun shape
2.  Puffy Tape (remove both pieces of protective backing so the tape sticks to the Sunset paper (above) and Item #3, below)
3.  Puffy Tape (remove both pieces of protective backing so the tape sticks to the other piece of Puffy Tape (Item #2, above) and the acetate circle (Item #4, below)
4.  Clear acetate circle
5.  Clear acetate circle (this one don't stick to anything, it just rotates freely)
6.  Chocolate sunburst shape

Keeping everything on the Piercing Tool, poke a hole in the Polkadot B&T (Patterned Paper) so that it is centered horizontally on the paper.

Keeping everything in the same order, remove your "sandwich" from the Piercing Tool and stick the "sandwich" on the brad.  The Sunset sun shape will be closest to the 'head' of the brad.

Attach the 'loaded' brad to the polkadot paper, through the hole you made.  Open the prongs in back to keep it in place.

Now you can put everything else together - the Chocolate card stock to the card base, the polkadot paper (with attached "sandwich") to the Chocolate card stock.  Stamp the monkey on the Colonial White sun shape, and attach that to the top of the spinning mechanism.

Put a Glue Dot on one end of the twine. Carefully stick it on the two pieces of puffy tape in the center of your spinning thing.  At the loose end of the twine, tie a knot.  Fold the small Sunset piece of card stock in half, and secure it to the twine with a Glue Dot.  Write "PULL" on your Sunset tab.  Cut a "V" out of the bottom of the tab, so it looks like a flag.

Wind your twine around your spinning thing.

You are done!  The first time it spins, it makes you laugh!!!  (maybe the 2nd and 3rd time, too!)  Have fun with it. SO worth all the effort!


PS - I know this was long, but if you like this kind of post with actual instructions, let me know by leaving a comment.  Thank you!!