Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I like owls...do you?

Brown paper is from Wonderland; Blue paper is from Elemental; Pink paper is from Sophia

My favorite things are snowmen and penguins...but I like owls a lot, too.  They're so crazy!  I got this idea from my friend, Rachel. 

She got the idea from Cards a la Carte.  You can see the instructions here.  SO cute!  You cut a pillow box (I used Close To My Heart's Art Philosophy Cartridge cut at 5 1/2").  5 1/2" is large enough to fit a gift card inside, plus you can get 2 off of a 12x12 sheet.  Because my box is a little larger than the one in the (linked) instructions, I used more "feathers" (3/4" circles).  And I used a 1 1/2" circle for the eyes.  My daughter and I decided we liked the brown owl best.  Bright colored owls are cute, too.  BONUS - you can make a penguin with this idea!  If you didn't want to make a pillow box, you could just trim off the extra flaps and make it into a card.

They're so fun, plus you can use up your scrap papers making them.

Items Used:
Cricut Art Philosophy (AP) Cartridge Shapes: 
Pillow Box cut at 5 1/2" size
Circle at 3/4" size or use a punch (to make the feathers) - you'll need a whole bunch.  You could try using a larger circle if you want.
Circle at 3/4" size - black (for the eyeballs)
Two Hearts - one at 1 1/2" and one at 1 1/4" size
Two Circles at 1 1/2" size - white (for the eyes)
Two Ovals at 1" size for the wings
Really sticky tape/adhesive.  I used Terrifically Tacky Tape to seal the box on one side.  I used the 3M framing tape gun to adhere the feathers (see below).

On the front side of the box (where the feathers go), I covered the entire center portion (not the top or bottom flaps) with adhesive (I used the 3M tape gun.  You just want to be sure to use an adhesive that doesn't dry quickly, because you'll be sticking a bunch of circles on it.)  Turn the larger heart upside-down and stick it at the bottom (for the feet).  Then starting at the bottom, cover the belly with the circles.  I bent the circle-feathers up a little, so they weren't flat on the box.

Then stick the wings, beak and eyes on.  You can use a little bling for the eyeballs.  I used Clear Sparkles.

Fold the top and bottom flaps in.  You're done!  Congratulations!

We'll be making this super cute gift card box at my card classes this month.  Come on over and play with us.  :)  Call (425-255-3731) or email me (lisa@lisasargent.net) if you'd like to join us!