Friday, January 20, 2012

Sneak Peek & Collage Cubes

I'm so excited, I just finished decorating my Rock The Block cubes.  (This is what happens when you are snowed in...)  

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, here's the scoop:

When you place a $25 order from the Fall/Winder Idea Book, you can purchase the Rock The Block promotion kit for just $15 (a $44.90 value)!!!  The kit includes an exclusive E-sized ($29.95 value, 8 1/2" x 11 sized) stamp set and the super cute, new product coming out February 1, Collage Cubes!  The Collage Cubes are a set of nine 2"x2" paper/chipboard covered cubes that fit in a cute little tray.  All ready for decorating!

Here's the stamp set:

The sayings will fit on the 2x2 blocks

I was a little stumped looking at the cubes, because I didn't have any cute pictures in my stash to put on the cubes, so I decided to make this cute perpetual calendar, designed by Lynn Como.

I think it turned out really cute.  I used the Rock The Block stamp set, my Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge, BRAND NEW CTMH papers called LUCY.  ALSO in my sneak peek are the Just Blooms Paradise Paper Flowers (love 'em!) and the Lucy Compliments Glitter Rub-Ons (the there's lots of flowers).  (All available Feb. 1)

I cut all the letters and numbers with the CTMH Cricut Cartridge, and blinged it up with rhinestones colored with my new rainbow of Sharpies.  I also decorated the tray with Lucy papers.  SO FUN!  Who knew that snow could make me so productive??

I love how the Just Blooms Paradise Paper Flowers already have printing on them! 68 flowers in a pack in 4 styles and various sizes.  Wheeeeeeeeee!

I printed some little Cricut flowers and stuck Just Blooms on top.

Also used Sharpie-colored rhinestones and my Edge Distresser
This was a really fun project to make, but time consuming because of the Sharpie-coloring and gluing.  Also, to "finish" my cube edges, before I started decorating, I sponged them with Olive.  I used a few drops of Olive Reinker on a plate and a round sponge to distress the edges.  I think that was faster than if I'd used a stamp pad to ink my sponge.  Don't know, I didn't time myself!

Let me know if you want to come and check out these goodies in person!  Card classes this month are January 20, 26 and 27!

Supplies Used:
Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge
Rock the Block stamp set
Lucy Paper Pack (new)
Lucy Complements Glittery Rub-Ons (new)
Collage Cubes (new)
Paradise Paper Flowers (new)
Clear Sparkles
Rainbow of Sharpie Markers
Card Stock & Stamp Pads:  Creme Brulee, Cotton Candy, Olive, Sweet Leaf, Chocolate
Liquid Glass (as additional adhesive for Clear Sparkles)
Buttons (Pink Assortment)



I love the idea of using the blocks as a perpetual calendar! Very functional! Can't wait to see in person.

Lisa Sargent

It's a fun one, but there's lots of decorating! :)

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