Monday, January 23, 2012

STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS

I saw that little saying in a local cupcake store and I thought it would make a fabulous saying on a with cupcakes, of course!

I made this card with the Piece of Cake stamp set.  (Lots of cakes and cupcakes in it).  I also used some extra little goodies...Liquid Applique (for frosting) and Red Glitz Glitter Gel (for cherries).

Here's a close up of the cupcakes:

You can even puff up the Liquid Applique with a heat gun, but I chose not to.  (Not sure about how the Glitz Glitter Gel would react to the heat...not well, I suspect...)  You could always puff up the Liquid Applique first and then apply the Glitz...

Hint:  Do a couple of test blobs with the Glitz on your scratch paper.

I like making my own patterned paper, and just used the other desserts in the set to do it.  I used Blush card stock with Hollyhock ink, stamped randomly.  The words "Happy Thoughts" is from the Zoology stamp set.  I thought it would be good to wish someone who was stressed and in need of desserts some happy thoughts!

To make the circle tag, I just typed the saying out on my computer, picked a nice font and colored the typeface (with my computer).  You can change your typeface colors under Format/Font/Color/More Colors/Custom.  I changed mine to Cranberry color (Red 204, Green 26, Blue 51).  

Supplies Used:
Piece of Cake stamp set (D1407, $17.95)
Zoology stamp set (B1391, $9.95)
Card Stock:  Blush, Lilac Mist, Vanilla Cream, Key Lime, White Daisy
Inks: Hollyhock, Outdoor Denim (for the main cupcake plate), Baby Pink (to sponge around the edges of the white paper
Markers:  Key Lime, Cotton Candy, Lilac Mist
Fun Stuff:  Liquid Applique, Red Glitz Glitter Gel, Clear Sparkles (colored with a green Sharpie)
1 1/2" circle punch
Sponge Dauber
Foam mounting tape


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